The Most Powerful Screen Scraping Tools According To Semalt

Screen scraping, also known as web scraping, will help you automatically download texts, images and other types of content from various sites. The experts who write such programs have to deal with lots of clients from all parts of the world, that is why they have developed various data mining tools to get the best out of data scraping. Even some of the world's biggest and famous companies have trusted screen scraping tools to extract useful data from the net. The best part is that these programs can be used on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis without a problem. Using some in-house screen scraping programs or tools, you can mine data from different websites and provide it to your customers in any format. These scraping tools have been in development for years and now can handle loads of websites at a time. Using them, you can virtually handle as many projects and extract as many sites as you want. Moreover, you can save the data obtained in the API or CSV formats.

Screen Scraping Tools that can save your nerves and time

The following four screen scraping tools will save both your time and energy you usually spend on data extraction:

1. Uipath

Uipath is the perfect tool to scrape any type of web pages. Some of its prominent features are data extraction, page navigation, scraping of PDF files and digging through flash to get desired results. Uipath is not just about screen scraping; this tool can be used to organize and structure data both offline and online. You can get benefited from its form filling buttons, clicking button or navigation options. The data it extracts can be saved in SilverLight, HTML and JavaScript formats.

2. Kimono

It is another powerful and amazing screen scraping program. It can save tons of data and organize it for offline uses. You can instantly install Kimono Browser bookmarklet and convert unstructured data into CSV or JSON formats.

3. Screen Scraper

Screen Scraper is the name of a powerful software that can perform a variety of tasks at the same time. However, it requires a user to have basic programming skills, so it is not the right choice for non-programmers. You need to launch the program, add a proxy and start analyzing data from different websites. The file formats it usually supports are HTML, Javascript, Txt, Excel, and CSV.


Screen scraping is one of the most important data migration techniques. It enables us to make the best use of modern apps. It's safe to say that there are different techniques to create and save data, but nothing is better than the screen scraping tools. The best part is that this software works with all web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It can also be integrated with the Flash and Silverlight technologies, as well as your enterprise applications such as Siebel, PeopleSoft, and SAP.

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