How Сan Semalt's SEO Dashboard Help SEO Agencies Solve The Main Problems Of A Website?

You already know that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technical audit is the fastest and most efficient way to know the life of a website. When we talk about the SEO technical audit, we are usually talking about the in-depth analysis of the website problems. This allows any freelance SEO manager or SEO agency to quickly analyze the performance of the client's website.

Moreover, this action allows giving the clients the exact information about the life of their online business to submit them a clear plan of SEO to execute. To carry out this mission, any SEO agency or SEO manager needs a powerful tool. 

Indeed, the use of a quality tool would be of great importance to you, because it will facilitate the tasks to bring better satisfaction to your customers in a short time. 

In today's guide, we are going to talk about the main problems that can be solved by an efficient SEO tool after an SEO audit and the most appropriate tool to use in this mission.

Discover the main problems to solve with a powerful tool after an SEO analysis 

Indeed, an audit or a thorough SEO analysis of your customers' website, leads you to discover all the problems related to it. But to solve these problems, you must necessarily have a powerful SEO tool. Here are the problems that a quality SEO tool can help you solve for example:

The robots.txt

The robots.txt file is eventually placed in the root directory of the site and contains instructions for indexing search engine robots. So you need to use an efficient audit tool to know all the problems related to it. After the audit here are the actions you should take regarding the robots.txt file:  
Moreover, all the features of the robots.txt file can be exploited if you have a quality SEO tool. However, make sure that no indexing of "secret" areas of the site, pages with poor quality content and duplicate pages is forbidden.

HTTP status codes

The HTTP status code is part of the first line of the server response for HTTP requests. It is a three-digit integer found in the first line of the server response when a web page is requested.

With a proper SEO tool, you can determine which site URLs receive an error message, usually with a code such as 4xx or 5xx. For example, we know that a 404 code means that the page was not found and a 503 code means that an internal server error was detected. Code 200 says that everything is working fine. If the site uses redirects from one URL to another, you will automatically be informed that it is a code 301 redirect, not 302.

Define the URL of your customers' pages

A competent page URL should not exceed 100-120 characters. It consists mainly of easy-to-read words. Also, it contains keywords, describing the page. All this contributes to better indexing by search engines. So, the intervention of an adequate audit tool will actually allow you to know the exact state of the URL of the pages of the site. After this thorough audit you can manage to:

Analyze the loading speed of your customers' websites

Internet users are impatient and leave slow sites immediately. Also, search engines have a certain time limit to process each site. They make sure that fast sites are indexed more thoroughly and in a shorter time. 

How to analyze the website loading speed?

For the most comprehensive analysis of the loading speed of your clients' site, you can use specialized features of an effective SEO tool to carry out this task. 

If the site needs acceleration, optimize images in a graphics editor using its graphics preparation feature. Reduce the amount of HTML and CSS code, use compression wisely, browser and server caches. You can take other necessary actions with a good SEO tool.

Define internal links 

Internal links contribute to a better indexing of the client's site and a reasonable distribution of page weight. This difficult task can be made easier with a powerful SEO tool that can predict the distribution of page weight when using various linking schemes.

Establish many links between the pages of the site, following simple guidelines:

Page descriptions in tags

The description of the pages in the tag can be included in the code snippet in the search results. A thorough audit will allow you to know the state of the pages of the site in the tags. The results of the audit will allow you to know the solution to adopt to manage the meta descriptions of important pages.

A code snippet consists of a title, a description or annotation of the document, and can also include additional information about the site. A code snippet is a block of information about a found document that is displayed in the search results.

A quality SEO tool will help you create descriptions from several words, with a total length of 150 to 160 characters. These are coherent texts that talk about a specific page, not the whole site, and not overloaded with keywords.

Determine the content

You need to create content for your customers, not for search engines. So don't get carried away with search engine optimization. Indeed, such an action will make the text almost unfit for comfortable reading and ultimately negatively affect the SEO results. A quality SEO tool can help you correct over-optimized texts and avoid texts copied from other sites. The same applies if the amount of content on each page exceeds 300 to 400 words.

Inline headings

Use headings, multi-level subheadings, highlight individual text fragments in bold, italics.

At the same time, it is important to observe the measure: too many headings and keywords in bold type will alienate readers. The same applies to monotonous, unstructured text. A well-thought-out text formatting allows the reader to better understand the text; headings containing important words also have a positive effect. On the other hand, the best way to structure texts on a website is to think of people first and to have an adequate SEO tool. 

Outbound links

Often, site owners only care about getting reliable backlinks, but you should also care about outbound links from the client's site to other resources.

Avoid links to low-quality sites and sites with bad reputation. This will negatively affect your clients' position in search results. If the placement of such a link is still unavoidable, with a powerful analysis tool you can prevent the link from being followed by search engines. You can also regularly check for broken links, i.e. those that cause errors with a code like 4xx or 5xx. For these facts, it is important to have a very effective SEO tool.

What is the right tool to perform a technical SEO audit?

So far, we have just discovered what a technical SEO audit tool can help you do. However, the next question is which tool to choose to carry out all these tasks? 

Nowadays, as you know, there are thousands of SEO audit tools on the market. Moreover, a good technical SEO auditing tool should handle all the tasks efficiently and in record time. If you are a freelance SEO manager or an SEO agency, you no more have to worry about a good SEO tool. Because the experts at Semalt did well to think about this. This has allowed them to develop an SEO tool that you won't find anywhere else. This tool is intended to relieve any freelance SEO manager or SEO agency in the execution of their task.

The particularity of this tool lies in its ability to analyze your customers' site in a handful of minutes and to bring out all the problems that arise. Not only that, it offers you the ideal solution to remedy the problems. This tool is none other than the SEO Dashboard.

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard is a very powerful SEO tool that surpasses in terms of cost and quality, the current SEO tools on the market. In fact, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its performance and efficiency in handling tasks. The dedicated SEO Dashboard is not only efficient in auditing, but it is also a multi-functional tool. I invite you, then, to discover its additional functions.

Additional Features of the SEO Dashboard

Find out why Semalt's SEO Dashboard is called an all-in-one tool. 

SEO-technical audit

The advantage of this feature of the tool is that it can perform a thorough analysis of your clients' site, identifying the problems the site is facing. Then, bring adequate solutions to each situation. It covers everything from the technical SEO audit of the site to the plagiarism check.

The Google search broadcast

The Google search broadcast is the function of the tool, able to show your customers, the evolution of their site and its position in Google searches. Besides, it provides the following information about your customers' competitors:

SEO reports

As an SEO agency or a freelance SEO manager, the advantage you have with this tool is that it is extremely innovative. You can create and share with your clients the reports of each analysis performed. This will allow you to gain the trust of your clients and subsequently increase the awareness of your company.

Get a free 14-day trial of the SEO dashboard

You will have unlimited access to all the useful services included in the Standard package during the 14-day trial period. Whether you need to track customer inquiries or manage prospect data, we have everything you need. During this period you will have time to fully appreciate the performance of this tool before committing.

So, if you have any questions about the functionality of this tool or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

It will always be a pleasure for us to listen to you and help you

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